Mount Diablo - 3849 ft (1173 m), Mount Tamalpais 2571 ft (784 m), Mt Burdell 1558 ft
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Trip Report

A fun outing. I had to drop of Catherine at the airport and on the way back (it was only 6 am) I spontaneously drove right passed Davis to the foot of Mount Diablo on Regency Drive in Clayton. I left the car at 7:20am, got to the summit at 9 and back to the car by 10:30.  I only saw one other hiker on my way down. The views from the top were quite nice, not many clouds and the snow covered Sierra was looming in the distance. Looking west, I could see Golden Gate, Mount Tamalpais and Mount Saint Helena at the end of the Napa Valley.

On my way back I sat in traffic for a while on I-80 and decided to take a short cut through Napa and then Berryessa back to Davis. However, I suddenly remembered Mount Tam and used the congestion on the interstates as my excuse to climb another mountain. I got to the base of it (close to the water tower of highway 1) at around 1:30 and was up and down by 2pm. Now I really wanted to go home and drove up 101 to take 37 back east. But shortly before the exit off 101 I saw another hill just five minutes of driving beyond that point. I got to the town of Novato, parked my car and walked up (running up was not possible anymore). I got to the top I don't know when and reached what I thought to be the high point (pretty undefined, because the summit was mostly flat and covered  with trees).

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