Virginia Peak - 12,001 ft (3,658m), Twin Peaks - 12,323 ft (3,756 m)
Trip Report

Last day of this year's Sierra adventure. Rich Sexton had joined me by now and after not really knowing what to do the previous night we had finally settled on these two fine peaks. We had been in Bishop but wanted to climb something a bit further north in order to shorten the drive home after the hike.
Following Burd's instructions we wanted to climb the class 3 East Face, but immediately when getting the foot of the mountain stayed on the right of that face and climbed a couple of exciting gullies on not so loose rock to get over to the col between Virginia and Twin Peaks. There we dropped our bags and climbed Virginia. On the way down we picked up the bags and Rich headed down, while I hiked the exciting class 3-4 ridge over to Twin Peaks. Both registers were fairly empty with about 5 parties for 2008. The Twin Peaks register had been placed in 1964 and was still not full. Very exciting.

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This page was last updated: Aug 15 2008